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The most innovative and effective tools to improve the performance of your organization.

A performing organization translates visions and objectives to all of its parts and orients them in the same direction, it shapes itself to manage and transform change into added value, learns from conflicts and translates them into engagement.

Our consultancy supports management in developing an excellent organization through an innovative and structured approach, never the same as itself, because it is tailor-made for each individual customer.

Change management, people development, leadership, communication, stress management, talent development, performance neurophysiology, managerial, organizational and strategic development.


The most innovative coaching method on the market. Based on scientific research and new discoveries in neuroscience.

Works both on a cognitive, neurophysiological and emotional level.

It applies to any goal or change you want to achieve both in life (self-esteem, relationships, success, well-being) and business (leadership, charisma, career development, stress management, work-life balance, public speaking, self-confidence, self – effectiveness, ability to make decisions, creativity, intuition, assertiveness, communication) in sports and in all kind of professions that provide a high level of performance.

One of the models with the highest added value in terms of effectiveness and speed to develop the potential of a group and direct it towards company objectives, resolve conflicts and maximize vision, communication and skills.

Working teams are increasingly central to the development of organizations if they know how to value differences, generate engagement and motivation, solve problems, multiply skills and align visions.

The MBTI model (Myres-Briggs Type Indicator) is an indicator of personality that identifies a set of psychological characteristics related to people’s behavior patterns, strengths, decision-making, reactions to stress, style of communication and leadership, relationship with the role. It is based on the theory of psychological types of Carl Gustav Jung and discriminates between 16 possible types of personality.

The MBTI model helps identify leadership styles, strengths, areas of potential to be developed and motivation. Knowing your Type and Type of Others helps improve individual performance, increase group productivity through integration and enhancement of differences, understand behavioral patterns of others, communicate more effectively, reduce conflicts, collaborate, develop strategies and problem solving.

After more than fifty years of research and development, the MBTI model is currently the most widely used tool in the world to learn about personality differences and to develop the maximum potential in the business environment with respect to organizational and business objectives.

Training for Professionals (coach, counselor, psychologists …)

The Otto Deit Akademie promotes successful training methods in the field of communication, short therapy and health.

The training is aimed at:

  • Coaches, trainers and job psychologists inside or outside the company
  • Cultural mediators
  • Family mediators
  • Doctors, holistic therapists and professionals in the helping relationship.

Otto Deit methods can be integrated into every discipline practiced, creating a rich and effective interdisciplinary approach with the client and the patient.

The Otto Deit Akademie is among the accredited Institutes for the teaching of Neurolinguistic Coaching, by the Association for Neurolinguistic Coaching – G NLC. The NLC Association aims to scientific research on the methods of short coaching, to ensure high quality standards.

Compliance Plus – patient/doctor communication

Doctors are and should always be good communicators for the profession they perform. Unfortunately, this important and fundamental capacity is often penalized by the stress of the routine. Communicating with patients and their families has always been a delicate task for the emotional load of anxiety and fear, which the disease inevitably brings with it.

Today our society is strongly characterized by communication and accessibility to all information. This subjects the physician to new pressures and uncertainties that need to be managed and dealt with effectively and quickly.

Now more than ever, knowing how to guide the patient in a conversation aimed at compliance is no longer enough because patients are more informed, more skeptical and less likely to see the doctor in the authoritative role of a few decades ago. There are methods to regain the driving position. In the last thirty years communication has made great strides and today it is essential in every profession in which there is a close relationship between people and the knowledge of appropriate techniques to dialogue at best.

Compliance plus is the right training to motivate the patient to the positive outcome of the care and the doctor to the human understanding of the condition of the patient in an immediate and fast way free from stress and with positive results.

Braining Your Brand  

A journey into the creative and value potential of business organizations and professionals. 

A program to discover one’s visual identity and the creative concepts behind the brand.T

he search for an authentic identity that shines with its own light and the best means to express it, in a time when communication to the public is invested by an epochal change in the culture and habits of large-scale users. 

Braining Your Brand takes you back to the heart and the primary intention of your business and makes the vision that animates it fly high, while still maintaining its identity with solid expressive roots.

The goal of training is always to achieve better results, change behavior, develop targeted skills.

Traditional training is not enough.

We develop tailor-made training courses after a careful and structured analysis process, integrating the most advanced techniques and tools on the market.

The most innovative Neurological Training on the market.  Result of years of experience and research.

We have developed a proprietary method that exploits the new findings of applied neuroscience and translates them into learning models capable of affecting results with the highest level of effectiveness.

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The most innovative formula of individual training for the potential development.

A dedicated trainer for 12 days of intensive work with the most advanced tools at a global level and proven effectiveness.

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A unique experience to transform one of the most important and complex relationships of life.

Seven days in the most evocative places of Bali between sport, nature and emotional coaching to transform an often conflicting relationship into an incredible source of energy, stability and satisfaction.

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