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the Bali project

The Bali Project is an intensive training formula, unique for the development of talent at success, which integrates the best innovative tools at a global level.

It’s not education, it’s applied science, it does not work only on the cognitive level, but on the neurophysiological level.

This is our research, our passion, our goal. We want to have a global impact, we consider every aspect, competence, psychology, wellness, spirituality, emotionality, affectivity. We are made of many dimensions all interconnected, like the areas of our life.


activate the hidden power of the brain, change your life

Not just words, we are made of chemistry, we generate electromagnetic waves.

Our brain is a perfect machine and it is also the access way to generate any change, it is plastic, it learns.

Knowing our neurophysiological mapping means having the power to drive, to understand how our internal control panel works, how emotions are activated and how they affect every decision, every area of ​​our life.

SKnowing why stress is activated within our system, understanding how the perception of situations is deformed and how it reduces the activation of our resources allows uso change the way we respond to events by activating ever better and more effective behavior strategies..

he nervous system receives, processes and transmits information arriving from the external and internal world.

It is an electrochemical communication system that determines how we feel, think and behave.

It means that our brain is a kind of transformer of reality.
The peripheral nervous system collects information from the external environment and transforms it into nerve signals that the central nervous system processes to produce an adequate response.

This response, the result of our performance, is conditioned by how we have learned almost completely unaware and, often at an early age, to relate to ourselves and to the world.

Our neurology affects a series of physiological processes that affect much more than we imagine throughout our lives.

So far there has been talk of “control and management of emotions”, but science shows that it is like taking our most powerful energy and imprisoning it in a box instead of turning it into intensity to direct it towards our goals.

The goal is to reduce stress levels in a structural and continuous way to access potential and transfer it to quality objectives in personal life, effectiveness and satisfaction in the profession.

Working to enhance our neurological mapping means considering that we are a biological machine with enormous power, and it is possible to increase our potential significantly.

Updating and restructuring our operating system, the way we read the world, the way we feel is our goal. A sophisticated operating system allows more performance of the hardware that supports it, ease the transformation of potential into performance, well-being, awareness, balance.

ReBrain your team, the future leadership – business team

The most innovative Neurological Training on the market. Result of years of experience and research.

We have developed a proprietary method that exploits the new findings of applied neuroscience and translates them into learning models capable of affecting results with the highest level of effectiveness.

A tailor-made formula to maximize the potential of a team and direct it towards the company’s objectives.

Minimize the levels of emotional and structural stress that impact on the physical level and performance.

It includes a phase of analysis, definition of kpi, stress areas, assessment, training and coaching integrated with the most innovative methods both individual and group, monitoring and control. It is possible to add a part of physical training at various levels of intensity.

100% CARING: Family and friends are welcome. TheOberoi Hotel has a dedicated area in the center of a beautiful garden, where the participants will train in total peace and privacy. In free moments they can reach their loved ones. Immediately outside there is the beach on one side and the heart of Seminyak on the other, with shops, restaurants and clubs. We can organize all kinds of activities and excursions for the companions.

ReBrain yourself, change your future one to one training

The most innovative formula for developing your potential at 360°

A dedicated trainer for 12 days of intensive work with the most advanced and globally effective tools, daily sessions of systemic neurophysiological coaching and development of the most effective strategies to get the most out of your life.

The areas of development extend to every aspect of life that you want to empower.

The objectives of change are defined by the client (work, leadership, relationships, self-esteem, well-being, sports performance, artistic, work-life balance, etc, …)

It is possible to add a part of physical training at various levels of intensity.

100% CARING: If you want to share with your family and your friends we are happy to welcome you and offer a memorable experience. We can organize all kinds of activities and excursions for the companions.

Father & Son, ReBrain your genealogy – growing together

A unique experience to transform one of the most important and complex relationships of life.

The idea stems from the direct experience of Thimo Kilberth and his father. It is a mix of adventure and coaching for fathers and sons. Seven days in the most evocative places of Bali between sport, nature and emotional coaching to transform an often conflicting relationship into an incredible source of energy, stability and satisfaction.

The training is dedicated to adult children and the experiential part followed by Thimo takes place in English, coaching in Italian or English.


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