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The International Performance Center stems from research and the desire to develop the most innovative models in the global landscape for the development of human potential and performance.

It is the first to bring in Italy a unique program of neurosciences applied to the results of years of scientific research.

  • we train managers to learn techniques and tools to maximize brain potential through direct experience.
  • we exercise maximum capacity for focus and use of emotional power to achieve development goals.
  • we promote leadership, satisfaction, well-being by breaking down stress levels on different structures of the mind, the neurological patterns that govern the response to events and the activation of resources are modified.

Our training guarantees a methodological basis always at the highest levels of updating with scientific research in the field of psychology and neuroscience, to understand behaviors and maximize their effectiveness.

We want to be promoters of the avant-garde and of the innovation that is developing in the world, guaranteeing maximum efficiency through the research and updating of our training models.

We work with the Otto Deit Akademie, which for years has been promoting successful training methods and validated by scientific research in German universities, in the fields of communication, short therapy and health.

Inside the center Otto Deit Academy plays the role of an educational supervisor for training services to guarantee the quality of the applied methods.
The Otto Deit Akademie is accredited for the teaching of Neurolinguistic Coaching, by the Association for Neurolinguistic Coaching NLC – (Society for Neurolinguistic Coaching).
The NLC guarantees the quality of Coaching through scientific research.

Based in Hamburg, NLC Association promotes scientific research focuses on short coaching methods to ensure high quality standards.

The association certifies Coaches who have been trained according to their own guidelines, and who continuously update themselves to maintain quality levels over time. The heart of the research beats on the Myostatic Test, the compass of the Coaching process, also called “the shortest path to the solution”. The test uses the “Life Language” of people as a tool of Coaching, tracing an extraordinarily precise path and corresponding to the topic to be treated.

who we are

Valentina Villa
Valentina VillaFounder & Managing Director - Professional Training & Coaching Consultant
Professional Training & Coaching Consultant
NLP Licensed Master Practitioner (Neuro‐Linguistic Programming™)
Certified MBTI Consultant, Wingwave Coach, Otto Deit Akademie trainer.
Teresa Burzigotti
Teresa BurzigottiCo-responsible for training and coaching projects - Responsible for relations with Germany and with scientific research associations
NLC Master Coach Trainer IPC
Founder and director of Otto Deit Akademie, a training institute for Neurolinguistic Coaching accredited NLC, International Association for Neurolinguistic Coaching based in Hamburg that deals with scientific research in the field of Coaching.
Thimo Kilberth
Thimo KilberthResponsible for Outdoor Training, Team Building and Sports in Bali
Successful entrepreneur, a graduate of the German Sport Univerity of Cologne has been living in Bali for 15 years.

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