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the new leader – leadership next level

It’s not training, it’s science, it does not work on cognitive level, but on neurophysiological level, this is our research, our passion, our goal.

The new leader has the task and the responsibility of guiding people and business towards the new era we are living, interpreting his role so as to always anticipate time.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”
Mahatma Gandhi

A leader starts from himself, from his personality, from his talent.

He is a leader who integrates every aspect of his potential and transforms it, orienting it towards what he wants to achieve.

He is aware, knows and governs his internal mechanisms, knows how to feel and direct his talent, first to be, then to act.

The victorious warriors first win and then go to war,
while the defeated warriors first go to war and then try to win”
Sun Tzu

The internal limits that we do not recognize are much more powerful than any external limit.

We respond to events on the basis of a very complex mechanism governed by the function of our brain to record emotional memories and related thought systems by generating neuromatrix or neural networks.

This mechanism determines the results we obtain in business and in life, determines what emotions our body feels, which hormones circulate in the blood and how other people perceive us and respond to what we say and do.

A global revolution has been going on for a long time, markets and technology are getting faster and pushing for a radical change in our way of being, thinking and acting.

To guide this change it is necessary to develop a new way of interpreting oneself and one’s own role within organizations and, first of all, in life.

A transformation is underway and shows how much the homologation to the old pre-established models of leadership is ever less effective.

The winner is who is able to express uniqueness and differentiation, proposing new visions and thoughts. Emerges who develops the ability to propose alternative, flexible and effective models.

“Anticipating time” means generating a process capable of:

  • enhance the dynamic uniqueness of individual vision
  • raise it to the highest expression of collective utility
  • channeling it and directing it towards specific objectivesboth in the workplace and in human relationships.

Cookies, like everything else, require love”
Matrix III, L’Oracolo

We work to maximum level of developing mind skills, both the rational and focus ones and those intuitive, emotional and creative.

A fundamental potential for a leader who wants to be able to communicate a vision to engage and excite, while expressing his own charisma.


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