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the ultimate Coaching generation

The brain has the power to change, overcome limits, create infinite connections.

Expanding human potential by acting directly on neurological patterns is a process that can influence everything in life; from relationships to work, from success to self-esteem.

The neurosciences applied to coaching open new frontiers of intervention on the impact we can have in the reality that surrounds us, on the possibilities of influencing results, relationships, on every aspect of our life.

It’s not training, it is applied science, it does not only work on the cognitive level, but on the neurophysiological level, this is our research, our passion, our goal.

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wingwave® – ultimate Coaching generation

Wingwave is a coaching method focused on success, which aims to achieve personal and professional goals.

It is a certified and registered Coaching model – born in Hamburg at the Besser-Siegmund Institute – by the genius of two psychologists, EMDR experts, Coaches and authors of numerous publications and effective methods of short Coaching Cora Besser Siegmund and Harry Siegmund.

The Wingwave Coaching allows the achievement of a state of mental and emotional balance, especially in situations of stress and great challenges, enhancing creativity and maximizing performance.

This method is the combination of three proven efficacy components:

  • bilateral stimulation of the hemispheres, such as REM sleep stimulation (Rapid Eye Movement = fast eye movements)
  • neurolinguistic programming
  • the myostatic test, the muscle test for a targeted planning of an optimal coaching process.

This model of Coaching acts directly on neurology by eliminating blocks and beliefs that take power away from action and freeing up creative mental energies.

A flourishing scientific research and a continuous updating procedure guarantee its quality.

Recent studies and research in the wingwave are aimed at consciously increasing the effectiveness and performance not only of the brain, but of the whole body. For this reason the wingwave method is perfectly effective in different fields. We apply it not only to managers, but also to artists and sportsmen: it is documented that personnel managers, creative people, young university students, athletes and actors who have adopted this method to achieve success and quickly reduce stress are able to transform the fear of public speaking in security and determination.

Several studies have been carried out on the effectiveness of the wingwave at the University of Hamburg, the Higher Institute of Medicine in Hanover and the German Institute of Sport in Cologne.

According to one of these studies, in sports, just one hour of wingwave-coaching is enough to eliminate high levels of mental stress in injured athletes and with blocking memories, related to accidents or injuries.

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